Ruth: The ride from Miramichi to Kouchibouguac National Park was a straight flat road through scrubby forest, but without a headwind it was fast and fine. 

We are staying two nights in a cabin just outside the entrance to the park. Eastern national parks seem much more civilized than their western cousins, with more infrastructure and greater accessibility. The roads that once led to a number of former village sites now make up a network of excellent cycling paths. Yesterday we headed down the one-way, 8 km single track mountain bike path to Kelly’s beach. As mountain biking paths go it was a level and relatively easy one. 

Kouchibouguac’s salt marshes and dunes are also the nesting grounds for the endangered Piping Plover. These are beautiful sparrow sized shore birds. 

Today we headed out in the morning for another ride before the predicted rain started. We stayed out too long and got thoroughly soaked on our ride home. The hot water was used up when I got back to the cabin so I boiled water repeatedly on the stove until I could have a nice hot soak. 
With a nice place to hang out in a rainy day, this is a good opportunity to read, rest and catch up on some painting. 

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