Gordon: We have been following the Waterfront Trail east of Toronto. For the first 100 kms we were almost continuously in parkland or housing subdivisions.  The trail was well marked and there was frequent access to infrastructure such as picnic tables, washrooms and public beaches.  It was very pleasant and quite attractive.  About midday today, however, we moved from the suburbs to a more rural landscape.  The sign on the nearby Highway 401 says that Toronto is still only 100 kms away, but we have cycled about140 kms to get here: while beautiful, the Waterfront Trail is far from the most direct route.

We have seen ample evidence of the wet spring that Ontario has experienced.  The water level in Lake Ontario is falling, but it is still much higher than usual.  This has caused damage to beaches, trails and roads.  We encountered several sections of the Waterfront Trail that were closed, and several others that required some care to traverse.  The unpaved sections of the Trail are also often muddy and we have been trying to avoid them.

We “shopped hungry” this afternoon and came away with $60 of groceries that included 1.25 kg of potato salad, a banana loaf, 6 butter tarts, a bag of carrots, a litre of yoghurt, a pound of cheese, part of a watermelon, some figs, a couple of apples, and a baguette.  We are hoping this will keep us going until lunchtime tomorrow.

Ruth: Last night we stayed in Ajax with our first Warm Shower hosts. It was fantastic. Cathy and Michael fed us a wonderful dinner and we had a lovely evening visiting with them. We were then greeted in the morning with a bacon and egg breakfast before we reluctantly pushed off to ride. We started hosting cyclists through warmshowers.org.last year and we have only had good experiences. 

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