Ruth:   Much to everyone’s surprise this is my first trip to Toronto. With only two days to discover this place we, have narrowed our focus to just a few neighbourhoods. 

We are staying in Cabbagetown, once a working class neighborhood and still filled with Victorian cottages and row houses. The houses have been largely preserved but the gentrification has forced most of the working class elsewhere. 

Last night we had dinner with Johanna, a friend of Gord’s from the University of Alberta. Over a wonderful meal Gord and Johanna agreed that neither had aged in the thirty years since they had last seen each other. 

We cycled around the center of town to see Old Town and Kensington Market, but Cabbagetown is my favorite area so far. 

The cycling infrastructure is amazing! We have been zipping all over the core of Toronto on separated bike lanes and well-labeled routes. There is a critical mass of urban cyclists and the buses and cars seem to have learned to live with the changes. I hope that in a few years similar lanes will be celebrated in Victoria. 

This evening I strapped a cake onto my bike rack and headed off for dinner with our old friends Fiona and James who live across town. The cake, which was quite beautiful when we bought it, arrived looking more like a cow pie than a cake. Shoveled into bowls with much laughter, we were all pleased it was still quite delicious. 


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