The three day ride between Port Hope and Kingston was lovely and varied.  We spent a lot of the last few days  riding by  monster houses set on lots that you would need all day with a rider mower to mow, that is, if you actually had to mow your own lawn. This is Loyalist country where the Union Jack is flying in the many historic towns. 

We spent a night at The Guest Inn at Trenton, and although it did provide me with my first opportunity to make a 911 call, I’m afraid I cannot recommend it.  Unlike the other hotels where we have stayed, The Guest Inn had very few guests and even fewer vehicles. It’s not a good sign when most of the guests at a modest hotel arrive in cabs.  The room beside us held four knuckle dragging young guys and a young woman.  They generally kept the noise of their socializing to a reasonable level but about two hours after we went to sleep we were awakened by loud voices, thumping sounds and a crying woman.  We quickly called 911 and anxiously waited for the police to arrive.  Our neighbours, who were known to the police, pulled it together and blamed the noise on the television.  While this was clearly not the case, the remainder of the night was quiet.  In the morning we departed before we had a chance to exchange pleasantries with our neighbours.

The Guest Inn is nestled amongst the big box stores and right next to an all you can eat Sushi place. The sushi was pretty good and freshly prepared after you sent your order in via iPad. You could order as much as you liked and we were able to almost bankrupt the place. 

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