Ruth:  Squeezed into the 1960’s urban sprawl of Thessaloniki is a wealth of Byzantine churches and monasteries. No less that 6 of them are Unesco listed, dating from the 4th to the 14th centuries. That some of the mosaics and frescos survived fires, earthquakes and the Ottoman conquest makes them even more precious. Many of the churches were converted into mosques, but the glittering mosaics (sometimes) remained safely encased in a layer of plaster. 

Gord and I have always loved Byzantine churches, so this city is a wonderful treat. After a morning of exploring the churches we spent the afternoon in the Museum of Byzantine culture.  It has a beautiful, well curated collection.

At the grocery store yesterday morning Gord slipped a small bag of cat food in with our provisions.  With a cheeky smile on his face the same bag emerged from his backpack whenever hungry cats or kittens appeared.

 This morning we took a train, for the first time in almost three months, to Larissa. From there we cycled the 60 km to Volos, but unlike Thessoloniki, Volos actually has ferries! We have tickets to sail for Skopolos tomorrow. 

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