Ruth:  We are staying in an apartment on the quiet, less touristy end of Skopelos island overlooking the Port of Loutraki.  It is just below the old and largely unspoiled town of Glossa. We have already extended our stay from three to five days, and I would happily remain here even longer.  Our break on the island has been full of day trips to beaches, monasteries, and lighthouses. Each trip starts with a climb up to Glossa, at 250 meters, and descents and ascents on our return. The beauty of having completed such a long trip is that these climbs now seem manageable, especially with my bike Wanda’s lowest gear. Skopelos is much lusher than other Greek islands we have visited, with pine forests coverning most of the high areas.

We cycled over to Ai Giannis, a church on a high pinnacle of rock made famous by the musical film Mamma Mia. 

We always bring our bag of cat food on our walks and rides, and yesterday we must have fed at least 30 felines. Life is slow and relaxed here. The locals emerge at the end of the day to watch the sun set over the water and the neighbouring island of Skiathos. They also appreciate the beauty of this place. 


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