It’s the first day back to school in Brasov and this Romanian city marks the day with certain traditions. Imagine a time back in the forties or fifties when school children donned their uniforms and went to purchase flowers to take to their teachers. Yes, you heard right, to their teachers. Romania has gone through some massive changes since then, but in Brasov they still know who needs to be pampered in September. 
Scores of families paraded past us carrying bouquets of flowers as we strolled around the town this morning. Mothers and fathers were in tow dressed in their very best and carrying cameras. 

When I saw teenaged boys also carrying flowers I had to stop and ask, just to make sure I could believe what I was seeing. This group spoke English and confirmed they were not going to a funeral, but were taking these flowers to their teachers. They wished me luck on my challenge to try to introduce the same tradition in Canada. 

It was a good day to also visit the very first school in Romania, only a little older than my former school Belmont, but in better repair. 

Quite a luxury for this teacher to be having a rest day in Brasov when all my colleagues are back at work. If I could I would send them flowers. 

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