August 1, 2016

This morning we started our ride in France, entered Germany for about two kms before crossing into Switzerland at Basel and then returning to Germany to look for somewhere to stay. We are following the Rhine for a couple of days before making our way to the Danube.

When we entered one town with a sign listing the various accommodation options that welcome bikers, Gord gave me firm instructions that we would not be staying anywhere called “Schloss” anything. His recent Duolingo practice has giving him some useful vocabulary including the German word for Castle (Schloss).  When I went into  a tourist office and asked for suggestions about inexpensive places to stay, the man pointed to a picture of a place with turrets and called it Schloss Beuggen. I quickly told him my instructions  from Gord, but he laughed and reassured me that it was less expensive than most of the other options.


So here I am on my first night in Germany resting in a 13th -17th century castle as the sounds of the church organ drift by our huge room’s windows. It turns it it is a seminary run hotel and that is probably why we can afford it. After a bit of a rest we went out to look around the grounds and Gordie took his first dip in the Rhine. 

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