Gordon:  The 320 km stretch between Passau, Germany and Vienna, Austria is allegedly the most popular section of the Eurovelo 6, and possibly the most used length of long distance cycle trail in Europe.  We were warned that we would find this area uncomfortably busy during the summer.  Fortunately, this has not proven to be the case.  There is a steady stream of cyclists, but we have had little difficulty in obtaining accommodation or other essentials.

There has been a noticeable change in the composition of our fellow cyclists since we entered Austria.  In Germany the majority of the cyclists were German, while in Austria there is more of an international mix.  Particularly notable are the number of Italian and Spanish cyclists.
The aberrant hours we keep at home (ridiculously early to bed and early to rise) continues to be our pattern on the road.  Just as at home, it puts us out of step with our peers.  We get up before most of them, and, unless we are waiting for breakfast at our accommodation, depart much earlier than the others. There is usually a period of one to two hours in the morning when we are almost the only bikes on the route.  It is my favourite time of the day, with cool air, mist rising from the land, and dramatic lighting.  At the other end of the ride, we are often the first to arrive at our campsite or other accommodation.  It is always a bit of a shock to return to our previously nearly empty campground a few hours later to find a proliferation of tents.

Speaking of our odd hours, the sun has now set and it is time to get ready for bed.

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