August 7, 2016

Ruth: The camping on the Danube fits our needs much better than the crazy holiday campgrounds we first encountered in Germany. Now there are numerous municipal tent sites that are geared for cyclists and canoeists making their way down the river. Although certainly not my preference when it is pouring, in good weather they are fun social places where a gathering tribe of cyclists relax after a hard day of riding. 

I have been really struggling with foot problems for the last few months, but I might have found a solution. Cycling shoes! Not only do the stabilize my foot while riding, but I can walk in them without pain. Now I am tap dancing around in them all the time. I am not sure they would work with every outfit and Gord has already told me I can’t wear them inside at home, but right now my feet are happy for the first time in months. 

Of course getting used to clipped shoes cycling may result in new and different injuries. 

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