We saw a cock pheasant running along the edge of a field yesterday.  It was magnificent, although it was strangely without tail feathers.  The image inspired Ruth’s first musical composition of the trip, a blues / funk number we will call “Hey pheasant, who took your feathers?”.  It joins works from earlier trips such as “The KVR, McCulloch’s Wonder”, cowritten with Bruce, both heavily influenced by alcohol, while we were cycling the Kettle Valley Railway.  And who can forget the charcuterie cabaret classic “J’aime bien le saucisson”.  C’est ecrit complètement en français, et c’est seulement pour les adultes.  Other notable works include the intimate love song “I love you in the morning”, only heard on pleasant mornings after breakfast and while we are coasting downhill.  

I am sure that during this trip the Pheasant Song will be joined by others, although I am concerned about the possibility of an international incident when Ruth starts composing in German.
And for Neil, another nuclear power plant.  We cycled along the perimeter fence surrounding one this morning.  I would have submitted an image closer to the containment vessel, but Ruth was uncooperative. 

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