July 24, 2016  Paray-le-Monial

Gordon:  After 800 kilometres we parted company with the Loire today.  In its stead we are now predominantly following canals.  These make for lovely cycling: they are flat, lined with trees, and you see interesting things such as canal boats, locks, and canal bridges.  The later are particularly interesting, as they involve the construction of a usable canal above a river.

The canal system we are currently following is marketed as a circular cycle route in the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region. Like the Loire velo route, it would make an excellent and accessible region for a two week cycle holiday.  It would not be necessary to bring your own bike, as there are many rental companies.  These often cooperate so that a bicycle can be rented in one town and left in another.  Just a suggestion for anyone  casting about for vacation ideas.

I had a cautionary experience with some of the excellent cycling infrastructure today.  We encountered one of the cubical, stainless steel toilets that are self-cleaning.  In a bid to save water Ruth held the door open so I could use the facility after her.  Of course, as soon as she closed the door the toilet roared into its self-cleaning routine.  There was water everywhere, and in particular sheets of it flowing across the floor and soaking my shoes.  On the plus side, I can vouch for the thoroughness of the cleaning of this type of toilet.

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