August 18, 2015
Ruth: We are now in hill town country as we head south along the border between Portugal and Spain. On our ride between Vila Nova de Foz Coa and Almeida we saw four Castelo or fortified towns. When planning our routes we try to link up as many of the towns mentioned in the Lonely Planet as possible, but sometimes the distances are too long and we have to find a place to stay midway. Sabugal was located halfway between the towns of Almeida and Monsanto. When we looked closely on google maps we could see that it also had a castle and a tight historic core. To our delight Gord found us a tiny stone cottage to stay in, that was located within the fortified core directly across from the castle’s highest tower!! Sabugal is one of the many outstanding places in Portugal that never make it into the guide books. I could have stayed there for days.
Our tiny studio cottage is an ancient restored house that used to have a kitchen, three bedrooms and a pen for the pig all squeezed into this 250 square foot space. 

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