We fly to Portugal on July 4th and arrive in Lisbon on our 25 anniversary! Gord has informed me that the 25th anniversary is the pvc plastic anniversary, so I am expecting some rather nice plastic bling!

Today is the last day of school and now I have a week to obsess about what to pack and what to leave behind. Even though we have done this a lot I still spend far too much time  revising the packing list, and I always throw in more than I need.

The plan, as much as we have one, is to begin in Lisbon and  follow the Camino Portuguese up to Santiago de Compostella.  We have nine weeks, so after Santiago de Compostella, we will have lots of time to explore more of Portugal.

Blog Contents
i. Camino Portuguese:Time to Mount the Bikes Again We are off to Lisbon
ii. One More Sleep 
iii. First days in Lisbon
iv. Lisbon and Preparing for the Camino Portuguese
1.  Lisbon to Vila Franca de Xira 44Km
2.  Vila Franca de Xira to Santarem and Santarem to Alcobaca
3. Alcobaca-Batalha – Fatima 
4. Fatima to Tomar
5. Rest day in Tomar and then on to Ansiao
6. Ansiao – Conimbriga – Coimbra
7. Coimbra – Albergaria – Porto
8. Porto – A few of our favorite things
9. Porto to Vila do Conde – A few more favorite things
10. Vila do Conde – Guimaraes, Guimaraes to Ponte de Lima
11. Ponte de Lima to Viana do Costelo, Viana do Costelo to Valenca
12. Valenca to Pontevedra
13. Pontevedra to Santiago 
14. Galicia after the Camino
15. A Little Stone House in Branda
16. The Descent from Peneda Geres
17. Bom Jesus

18. Into Tras os Montes
19. Prato do Dia
20. Parque Natural de Monteshino
21. Parque Natural do Douro Internationale
22. Filthy Little Devils

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