Ruth: We had another beautiful ride today, with the exception of the industrial landscape on this side of Gijon. Gijon is an attractive beach city with a long promenade stretching along the length of the beach.

After our ride we had the afternoon in Aviles to see if we could learn how to live like the Spanish. Of course this started with a Menu del dia, a nap and then a stroll through the old quarter. The Spanish really embrace the paseo wherever we go. Young, old and everyone in between comes out to enjoy the cooler air and a chat with neighbours and friends. If walking isn’t in the cards there are always plenty of benches to relax on.

Of course good climate and pedestrianized streets help to make the paseo possible.  In North America we may have larger living spaces and yards, but where is this wonderful sense of community?
Rather than buying a bottle of sidra and taking it back to our hotel room, we embraced the spirit of the paseo and went to a sidraria to enjoy a glass or two.  The result was that we were treated to the spectacle of the poring of the sidra, as well as an opportunity to chat with a number of other pilgrims.  It was a pleasant evening out.

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