Hotel Carlos I : Our wonderful 300 year old hotel that gives Pilgrims a discount.

Gordon: Tonight we are staying in Villaviciosa, the self proclaimed apple capital of Spain. And they don’t waste these apples in the produce market, they convert most of them into cidra (cider).  This is poured into your glass from a height of three or four feet to aerate it. You are then expected to drink the short shot immediately in one draught. 

Apples are not the only treat that grows in this area.The coastal portion of Austurias is a veritable garden of Eden. It seems like practically anything grows here, even citrus. 
Although today was our longest ride, it was one of the most beautiful and pleasant. We were cycling the narrow strip of land between the sea and the Picos de Europa.  The landscape was enhanced by rugged outcroppings of limestone.  It appears to be a prosperous region, with attractive villages and well maintained farms.  A Danish woman who lives here says Asturias has the least developed coastline in Spain, due in part to a provincial agency with a mandate to maintain the coast.

What keeps our focus during our daily ride is the anticipation of the Menu del dia.  Today we had a seafood soup, three types of local stew, and a very tasty fish.  We are essentially eating only one meal a day, but it is so large we may be putting on weight.  Today’s menu had four courses, as well as bread and a bottle of wine.  If you weren’t cycling or walking for a number of hours, I don’t know how you could possibly make your way through all of the food.
Ruth:  I guess it is only one meal a day if you don’t count the cheesecake for breakfast. I am not a cheesecake connoisseur, but quesada pasiega Austurius is heaven! I am going to try to replicate it when I get home.
We teased our friends Wendy and Marion when they blogged so much about food and now  we are doing the same thing!
Here is one recipe that might work but here it does not have the meringue top.

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