Now that the bike is tuned up is time to pack. I am always surprised to realize how little stuff we actually need to live with. With bikes the temptation is to take more than when we were walking but we are trying to fight this.  We have managed to limit our gear to just front and back paniers with no other stuff tied on – we will see if that lasts.

Packing List:

1 very light fleece or sweater
1 long sleeve sun shirt
1 short sleeve merino shirt or other shirt for in town
1 skirt or pair of  shorts 
1 warm long-sleeve merino top
1 pair quick dry pants ( zip off legs optional )
1 pair of light running shoes ( for on and off the bike)
1 light pair of sandals ( optional )
3 pairs of underwear 
3 pairs of socks
2 bras for me ( Gord prefers to go without)
1 waterproof rain jacket.
1 pair sunglasses
1 bandana (Gord) & Silk scarf ( Ruth)
1 Sun hat
1 bathing suit

tooth brush
tooth paste
sun screen
melatonin, muscle relaxants, pain killer, 

power adapter
IPad mini and IPod with charger
European Cell Phone with charger
camera, charger, battery, chord 
Guide book and map for Camino
swiss army knife
sink stopper
laundry line

Art supplies:
2 water brushes
watercolor paint setone kneeded eraser
2B  pencil
sharpie permanent fine tip pen.
Note book sketch book

Bike Gear:
1 bike
 Tools : pump, bike tool, patch kit, tire iorns, tube
1 pair of biking gloves
1 pair of cycling shorts ( second is nice)

1 cycling top


 Front and Back panniers with rain covers

Ticket and booking info
Bank Card
Visa card
Extended health numbers to contact

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