We are now in our last week and have to make some tracks toward the airport.  Today we are spending 7 hours on a train heading south before we take our last excursion to Khao Yai National Park. We are stopping tonight part way down at Lopburi so we can have one more peek at the monkey infested temples before heading further down the line tomorrow.

The owner of our guesthouse in Bangkok has suggested that we skip the capital and book a hotel near the airport to avoid the transportation issues created by the protests. We have taken his advice and have now planned a nice bike and train route down.
Every morning my time oriented husband gives me the countdown of days before departure and days before returning to work. My only real worry is getting acclimatized to much colder weather.  (Note by Gordon: I am also giving Ruth the countdown until our next trip.  We are not so much returning to work as going back for a work-break before our next trip.)
Near losses: Gord’s glasses and lens cap. The monkey actually took the lense cap dropped it and Gord put his foot on it before he grabbed it again.
Losses: the padding in my bike helmet and a bite out of my water bottle. What monkeys!!

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