Ten Good Reasons To Cycle In Thailand

Total Distance Cycled: 1640 km


Baan Are Gone Homestay across the water from the main town but a short ferry ride across. Very friendly place with great food, rooms and sunset boat tours. Air conditioned room was 640 bhat.

Bungalow for 800 bhat with breakfast. Pretty Bungalows overlooking a small lake. Food at the restaurant not great.

Day 3 RungAroon Resort 10 km south of Singburi to Lopburi (36km) then train to Phitsanalok – BonBon Guesthouse in a nice air conditioned room for 450 bhat.

Day 4 Phitsanalok to Old Sukhothai (76 km):  We took the main road until three km after New Sukhothai. Just before the big C hypermarket there is a track between the temple and gas station on the right. Take the path and cross the river. The bike path follows the canal for 10 kms to the elephant temple, where you cross the bridge and rejoin the road into Old Sukothai. Old Town Guesthouse in the park for 500 bhat with air con.

Day 5 Old Sukhothai to Si Satchanali historical Park: 69km. Sawanee Resort spotless bungalow 400 bhat. 

Day 6 Si Satchanali historical Park to Wang Chin: 80km. Wungtong Resort room with fan 350 bhat. Motel type hotel with big rooms and garden.

Day 7 Wang Chin to Lampang: 68km hilly with one 8km climb at km 20 on highway 11 and two other smaller climbs. Ahkamsiri Home Guest House 590 bhat. Lovely place.

Day 8 Lampang to Lamphun with stop at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center: 80km
Lamphun Will Hotel 1200 bhat with breakfast. Modern hotel.

Plern Guesthouse 1100 bhat: excellent place with sensational host and breakfast.

Malee’s Nature Lover’s Bungalows 1200 baht for the Honeymoon Bungalow.

Wiang Kaew Hotel 400 baht basic but very hot shower.

Huai Khum Resort 2000 bhat with breakfast. Located on the Kok river 3 km down a hilly dirt road from near the bridge crossing of highway 3023. The 3023 is a lovely back road from Fang.

Day 13  Huai Khum Resort to Mae Salong: 45km with the last 16 a brutal climb. You assent to 900 meters a couple of times and then drop to cross rivers. Grades are more than 15%.
Mae Salong Villa 1500 baht with breakfast- everything else in town was full.

Day 14 Mae Salong to Ruan View Resort on Highway 1: 49km. Even though the net elevation is a loss there are at least three tough climbs in this section, but it is beautiful with tea plantations to visit.
Ruan Resort is about 1.5 km south of junction with 1149 at San Khong. 700 baht 

Nam Puang Guesthouse with Thai sign. I booked on Bookings.com, 600 baht but map position is incorrect. It is on the main road south of Gin’s Guest house.
Day 15 Chiang Saen to Chiang Kong 71km one of our prettiest rides. We took the longer flatter route along the Mekong. Visit the weaving shop 300 meters off the road for a wonderful opportunity to purchase things from the people who make them. Watch for the artisan sign. Located a few kms before the Rai Saeng Arun Resort which has great food. The last 10km are hilly.
Ruanthai Sapophan Guest house. 800 baht with Thai breakfast.

Day 16 Chiang Kong to Panta Resort,  6 km past Thoeng on Road to Chiang Kham: 80 km.
Fast ride. Panta Resort 550 baht with breakfast. New place discounted while in construction phase. Very nice.

Day 17 Thoeng to Phu Langka Resort km 38 on Highway 1148: 69km.
 700 Baht – pricy for basic room, but views and a chance to stay with the Yao hill tribe makes it well worth it. The ride is tough with long steep climbs to 900 meters near the resort.

Day 18 Phu Lanka Resort to Coconut Resort just after Tha Wang Pha 77km. 500 baht for a beautiful big bungalow. Ride was another tough game of snakes and ladders.

Day 19 Tha Wang Pha to Nan: 45km with a stop Thai Lue village at  Ban Nong Bua. Rolling ride more downs than ups.
Huen Kuang Nan guesthouse. 500 baht. Lovely place and friendly hosts. 

Day 20 Nan to Na Noi: 60 km 
First 25 km flat followed by ups and downs with a couple short steep climbs. Not a hard day.
Na Noi Resort 500 baht for lovely room.

Khun Sathan Homestay 800 baht with very very rustic bungalow with breakfast and extraordinary view. Friendly Hmung hosts. Good food can also be purchased.

Nakorn Phrae Tower Hotel tel 054521321  650 baht with breakfast. Warn out  former fancy hotel tower that needs some paint and more dusting but great value and big breakfast. Huge room, huge bed, bathtub!!!
Day 23 Phrae to Den Chai 24km, Train to Lopburi, 10 km to MDR Hotel  in Lopburi. Way further away from the sites than the map on agoda showed. 

Day 24  Cycled back to Lopburi train station 10 km, trains to Pak Chong, and then 20 km on route to Khao Yai National Park. Baan Saranya Resort 650 baht with breakfast. On the right side of the highway just before the Vintage Hotel on left. Look carefully very small English sign. It is located 2.5 km closer than the Agoda map shows. 

Day 25 Baan Saranya Resort to the Visitors center in Khao Yai National Park plus some side trips. 40km. Climb up to visitors center, well graded and not too bad. The park itself is mostly on a rolling plateau, so once you are up it is fairly easy.
Basic park bungalow 560 baht. Night safari 500 baht per group.

Day 26 Khao Yai visitor center to 11 kms north of Prachinburi: 45km 
Baan Meesukh Resort. Agoda website places it well, but it is down a small lane with only a Thai sign. The lane is just past a large hotel with a big parking lot and Thai sign on right. There is also a bus shelter with a yellow roof on the left. Good deal nice place! 750 baht.

Airy Resort 700 baht with breakfast. 

Day 28 Ariy Hotel 4 km or 10 minute drive to the airport. They have cheap 150 baht transfer to airport and two bike boxes fit in their van- no extra charge. I would recommend this place, very nice and tucked off main road with canals and a Wat.

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