Day 2 Ayutthaya to 10 km before Singburi at the RungAroon Resort: 65km

Ruth: We headed off at 7 am this morning to enjoy a few hours of cool riding. We were not, however, the earliest birds in Ayutthaya. These were the runners we passed on their final third of the Marathon.

We cycled up highway 309, which winds up along a river, passing rice fields and a canals full of water lilies. The riding is easy, apart from the heat, and we were able to find Maxim ice cream bars just when we needed them most. 
Gordon:  We have been struck by the wildlife that co-exists with the human population in the central part of Thailand.  The rice fields and swampy areas are full of large wading birds, including egrets and what appears to be a type of crane.  We also saw a three foot monitor lizard by the road today (this would have been more impressive if we had not already seen some eight footers swimming in the canals in Bangkok.)  Many hotel rooms and restaurants are also well supplied with the charming geckos.

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