Yesterday was to be the final showdown between the anti government protesters and the the Thai Prime Minister. An estimated 150,000 protesters poured into our neighborhood to demand that the government step down. However, before the crowds arrived the Prime Minister announced her resignation and called for a new election. The mood was buoyant and the protest peaceful as the demonstrators paraded through the government district. We laid low until our host assessed the situation from the news and gave us the OK to head out. It was early enough that people were streaming down our street en route to the speeches. Note to mom: no worries, we are very safe here and we have no intention of getting mixed up in any trouble.
We headed over to the Khoisan road area to get a SIM card and look for maps. Our bikes arrived in the night so we are now getting our heads around planning our cycling routes. Before the trip our nomadic friends Gayle and John connected us with their cyclist friend Bill Weir, who by coincidence is also in Bangkok.  We met up with him for a visit and walk along the river. Bill has cycled more of the world than anyone I know.  Gord and I have always felt that we travel a lot, but Bill has been exploring corners of the world since he quit his job in the 70’s! Connecting with Bill has been a very lucky treat.  It is wonderful to share stories and learn from someone  who has cycled  so much in Thailand. 

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