We have broken our uninterrupted  bicycle route with a train and ferry so that we can explore Sicily for our last three weeks in Europe.

We crossed over to Sicily today and then biked up and over the north end to Milazzo, the departure port for ferries to the Aeolian islands. I was not looking forward to this ride and spent the morning grumbling that once again the motorway had the easier route and we had to pedal a longer and higher route. It was a delightful surprise to discover that our route was georgeous. Much greener and more forested than I had expected. We zig zagged up the volcanic ridges covered with umbrella pines until we made it to the top with views down to the sea.

We are staying at a lovely B&B in Milazzo with our own kitchen. Our self-catering is becoming quite an art form. Tonight’s dessert was a combination of perfectly fresh pears, marscapone cheese and dark chocolate cookies. Yum.
We have neglected to mention gelato for a while when the weather was poor, but I am happy to report our new discoveries of fig, prickly pear fruit, and pear and ricotta .

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