The best part of cycling in Sicily other than the scenery is the fuel. And not just any fuel, we are talking Cannoli! These little sweeties are my new reason for living. Mamma Mia. When we asked about gelatto our host in Corleone suggested Cannoli. I had heard the word mentioned in a number of Robert de Nero films but I wasn’t even sure if it was savoury or sweet. Well let me tell you it is sweeeeeet! After two days of sampling a statistically significant number of cannoli we feel confident in recommending this dessert to the world. It may also reverse the steady weight loss that we both have been experiencing so far on this trip. We are buying so many that we just hit two different bars in this town to make it look more reasonable, but I think the locals are on to us.

Vicki start researching recipes now and you could be the Canadian Cannoli Queen. They are composed of deep fried dough shells filled with a sweetened ricotta ambrosia. Oh they are good!
We are staying in a small town called Bivona. Our host Francesca took us down to see her family’s small olive oil processing plant.  It was a wonderful tour and now we are carrying a glass bottle of fantastic green gold.
We are in a lovely part of Sicily.

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