2000 kms cycled from Innsbruck 

42 days since we left Innsbruck – 37 days biking 
3 mountain passes: Arlberg, Grand Saint Bernard, Cisa 
Most expensive accommodation: 95€ in Pavia
Least expensive accommodation: by donation (20€ for both of us) in a number of places
Average daily expenditure for both of us: about 100€
Top 10 gelato flavours: melon, pistachio, grapefruit, coffee, chocolate, liquorice, hazelnut, lemon, strawberry, tiramisu
Mars bars consumed: 24
Tears: 0
Bed bugs: 0
Flat tires: 0 
Change in clothing size: -1
Numer of days with rain: 4
Number of Pilgrims encountered on the route to Rome: 25
Number after Rome: 0
Road kill spotted: 1 opossum, 5 rabbits, 1 owl, way too many cats (stay off the road Russell), 2 porcupines, 20 hedgehogs, 1 snake, hundreds of unidentifiable rat tailed creatures
Price of a coffee macchiato in the North: 1€, in Rome: 2€, in the South: 0.80€ and falling
Price of a half litre of red wine in a Tetra pack: 1.40€
Usual Price of a Margarita Pizza: 5€
Number  of times we wished for something other than Italian food for lunch or dinner: 0
Number of countries visited: 4
Number of incidents of marital discord since we started carrying Mars bars: 0
Each days we are struck by the treasures in Italy. These were just from today.

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