Ruth:  We are spending two nights in Lucca to enjoy the sights and sounds of this marvellous place. Last night it was Opera (this is the home town of Puccini) and tonight it is the Santa Croce Festival where the whole town is lit up with candles as the cross is paraded through town. Not just any cross, however, this one is believed to have been carved by someone who witnessed the crucifixion. No amount of modern technology and carbon dating indicating the real date is somewhere in the thirteenth century, can ruin this town’s party.

Lucca may be famous for many things, but it really is the city of the bicycle.
Whether you are exploring the city walls, parading down the Main Street,  bicycles are everywhere. They also seem to be the most favourite accessory in window displays whether it is for 
 designer glasses, cookware or lingerie. I particularly enjoyed a display of astonishingly bright men’s underwear on a shiny bicycle.

And why not revere the Bicycle like Lucca does?
The bicycle is perhaps one of the cleverest inventions on earth.
Well I suppose I should briefly give some credit to the parent invention of the wheel,
But this kid certainly took off  beyond the aspirations of his parents.
Gord and I have now peddled these beautiful machines over 1300 kms of varying landscapes and I am still in awe of their efficiency and the simple pleasures they deliver.
Only half a horse power is added to make mine fly- at least downhill.
Unlike a horse mine only requires a bit of oil now and then and it doesn’t even need to be extra virgin.
Tomorrow we saddle up our steel steeds and head down the road towards Rome.
Today’s gelato flavours: Chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, and coffee.

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