My marathon man is doing the full distance today. 46 kms without any missteps or deviations. I am in a small town about half way waiting for him in a bar hoping he will arrive because the natives are very lively. It is Bastille day and I expect, by the exuberance, that the drinking began early. I don’t think these places get a lot of single foreign women. When Gord arrived and asked to use the washroom one of the men at the bar mimed how to use a squat toilet. Too much information!!!

We have had a number of glorious appearances of the sun today which increasingly became the norm rather than the exception. I can handle almost anything as long as I get a bit of sunshine. I was even able to pull out and use our massive tube of sunscreen.
I wonder if Gord will be as tired as me. The tour de valise is very slow with a head wind. My average touring speed was only 11km/h today. pulling a 40lb trailer is quite different than just biking. Those guys on the tour de France don’t even carry their own Camembert and wine.
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