It was a beautiful 30 km walk today. The first 10 km were on the towpath along a canal. We then passed though a series of cute towns nestled in thousands of acres of vineyards. Champagne is the life blood of this area. In one town, population 1100, there are no less than 80 champagne houses. This is Disneyland for wine aficionados, with champagne tastings, champagne shops, a champagne museum, and the odd incidentals of the tourist trade, such as a lighthouse 400 kilometres from the sea. However, caught up in the the spirit of the region we did pick up a 19€ bottle of local bubbly in the aptly named town of Bouzy.

Time for an update on the Tour de Valise. Today as I climbed through the forest I was unable to dodge the Danish media and a group of fans lying in wait for me. Ok, they were really waiting for a group of Danish cyclists enroute to Paris on a fundraising ride for kids with cancer. They offered me coffee and Danish sweets to take and share with Gord. The treats made our forest picnic into an event. It’s important to feed Gordon before he gets mean (please see attached picture of Gordon before feeding time).

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