When in Champagne one must tour a Champagne house and taste their product. We chose the Taittinger house and were not disappointed. Taittinger is located over what was both a 4th century chalk mine and the subterranean remains of a Benedictine Abbey. Perfect conditions for the fermentation of Champagne.

In the afternoon we visited the Cathedral and appreciated the pilgrim’s welcome there. Champagne even figures prominently in the cathedral with huge stain glass windows depicting the cultivation of the grapes and the process of making the bubbly. We were also treated to the Chagall windows in one of the chapels.

Later we reunited with Philippe and his friend Claude for a lovely dinner. Afterwards we hunted down Paola who we heard was staying at the youth hostel. We surprised him at his door and invited him to join us for some Champagne – generously brought by Claude. It was a perfect way to celebrate together.

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