It was cool but sunny as I coasted down off the hilltop of Loan.Today was a beautiful day with rolling vistas and forests steeped in history. If you are a historical fiction junkie like me you know the area between Laons and Reims well. Whether you are reading about the Carolingian kings at their capital at Laon, or Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI failed attempt to escape France you are here.
At Corbeny we are very close to the famous Chemin des Dames where the daughters and ladies in waiting of Louis XV would ride to their forest lodge. Traces of this rich historical past are everywhere here.

At the hotel named for the Chemin des Dames we enjoyed our pilgrim meal with Philippe as our conversation drifted once again to the camino and the sense of connectedness found in a shared common purpose. Philippe read us the poem he was given at Canterbury as a part of his personalized pilgrim blessing.

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