“Madam, voulez vous regarder l’eglise?” she asked with a huge hopeful smile on her face. When I responded positively she ran home to fetch the key. Skipping back with two others in tow she very seriously opened the church and escorted me inside. She seemed to be as impressed as I was by the well preserved 12th century church. It turns out my tiny guide is just visiting this town too and staying with friends who watch out for church visitors. After the tour I settled on a bench for my lunch and before I could say, “I love French cheese,” my little friend was back, asking if I wanted any pizza, water or coffee. I agreed to a petite cafe which was delivered by the lady of the house on a tray.

We arrived in Gy in time to visit the chateau and have a drink in the square before heading back to the gite for dinner. We received very special treatment at Gite de la Fontaine. When I called, our host explained that the gite was full with a group of 12 Germans hiking on the Chemin de St. Jacques, but that they would give us a room with them and feed us dinner.

The room turned out to be theirs, and the dinner was a lovely feast of local fair. We sat and talked all evening as if we were old friends. What a lovely evening!

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