What a perfect day! This morning we left Champlitte to connect the dots between beautiful villages strung out along the gorgeous Salon valley. It rained last night leaving everything lush and sparkling when the sun came out. We changed our planned route slightly to see the village of Montot when a sign indicated that it is listed as a historical monument. The town was wonderful with the remains of a 15th century fortified chateau. But what made the day extraordinary was meeting Henriette & Alain and being invited to share a meal with them.

They had also walked the camino in Spain and kept a watchful eye for pilgrims passing their house. We had lunch in the 17th century farm house that Henriette had grown up in. After the meal, which included perhaps the best wine we have ever tasted, Alain walked with us to the next town.
While the landscape, history, food and wine are all excellent reasons to visit France, the warmth of the people we meet is what keeps bringing us back to this country.

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