It was a beautiful and varied day. We followed a Canal to Guines. There we confirmed our remaining route with an extremely helpful young man at the tourist office. I was not sure if I should take the road or the Via Francigena, but he not only reassured me that the VF would be better, he printed us detailed maps of the forest we were to travel through. The maps look like maps of a suburb with all the tree lots numbered and named lanes between. There was a fair bit of climbing ( sore arms for a cyclist means I must have been pushing quite a bit). I laughed when we got to the forest and saw that on either side of all paths and lanes the trees were numbered too. This wilderness experience I could handle. It was great when we actually did miss a turn, we were able to take another one of the lanes and we knew exactly where we would end up.
On leaving the forest we started to see VF signs along the well marked GR 128. We are optimistic that there will be more up ahead too because they are in the process of marking the route in Pas de Calais.
We have been traveling together so far, even with guide books and maps the routes are challenging to figure out at times. My bike trailer is much heavier with the camping gear, so my comfortable cruising speed is around 13-15km and hour and my climbing speed much slower. I wait for Gord when I get ahead and walk with him quite a bit.

In Licques a rain shower convinced us to rent a trailer rather than camping. We slept through the night here, so jet lag must be behind us.
km: 34km- with a few “meanders”.

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