How quickly we forget the cold weather now that summer is really here. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day today. The area has also transformed from a flat plain into the rolling green hills and valleys surrounding the river Aube.

We said goodbye to Paulo this morning as he headed off for a side trip to Troyes and a rest day. We spent a lovely evening last night together at the free pilgrim gite in Brienne-le-Chateau. We bought all sorts of treats from the boulangerie and Paulo made an improvised spaghetti carbonara. Washed down with wine and great conversation it was a lovely evening.

I decided to test drive my expensive new air mattress to great disappointment. By one in the morning I bailed on the experiment and climbed onto one of the beds. I guess this princess has a back not made for camping any more. I still think if I can rig the right pillows duck tape and bungie chords I should be able to camp comfortably.

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