This is a picture of Arras before it was demolished in the first world war. It was restored perfectly brick by brick with German war reparations.

July 11, Ruth:
Ok I really was not going to talk about the weather but today the heavens have poured out on us. I am writing this in a Bus shelter in Gomiencourt, where I had over optimistically hoped for a cafe or bar. Gord is in trouble too because his cell phone is switched off so I can’t tell him that I don’t feel like sitting in my wet cycle shorts waiting for him any longer.

The good news is that the rain does stop periodically it was even sunny for a full hour before 8 this morning. I can’t imagine sleeping in our tent much less a trench with this wind and rain. Luckily I won’t have to endure either one. A Welsh tourist explained to us that with the jet steam where it is this weather pattern could continue into mid August!!!! Are you kidding?!! We seriously started talking about heading south, and I don’t mean heading south walking speeds but on a kick ass TGV train. Sorry this was supposed to be my positive paragraph. Hummm….
Kittens are cute, I love French cheese, and I am in the Somme in peace not war.

The pilgrim count is up to 4 now ( ourselves included). We met Philippe a French man living in Britain, last night at a bar in Arras. We also shared a sheltered lunch with Paolo, who we have once again caught up to.

These are still very early days on the Via Francigena. Our delightful hosts at le Pourquoi Pas Chambre D’hotes in Arras told us we were the first pilgrims that they had met.
The wife was quite excited by news of the route and took a pictures of our pilgrim passports so she could research it later.

I should close with a quick apology for publicly shaming Gord about his phone. It was my misdial not his mistake. Oops!

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