Pension Acacia, Burgos
We had another wonderful day on the Camino today. I wanted to avoid the N 120 into Burgos so Gord and I headed off together even though I knew the first 4 km would be a rough track over a pass. I walked pushing my bike over the rutted and stoney track until at the very top we had to detach the trailer and take each piece separately. I pushed the bike while my chivalrous husband picked up and carried my trailer over the worst section. I think he was pleased that there were two Australians to witness his heroic
efforts. After a rough decent the trail became a gravel road, but the walking was nice for a change so I continued with Gord until we found a village to stop at for breakfast. After breakfast I rode ahead for a bit and then would loop back for Gord periodically.

By the time We reached the outskirts of Burgos I joined Gord again for the long 10km walk through an industrial area that could have been anywhere in North America. The walking felt great and pushing the bike and trailer was pretty easy too.

Gordon – We finally entered the old walled section of town and visited the Cathedral. It is magnificent. Constructed quickly in the early 13th century, it has a consistent early gothic design. One significant later addition is an extraordinary tower at the crossing, described by the king at the time as “more the work of angels than men”. There are some real artistic treasures inside as well. We realized that, as compared to France, this may be because the cathedral was not subject to the damage suffered by the contents of French churches during the revolution.

Ruth had an athletic day today. She walked 20 km and cycled 15. I suggested she have a swim in the river and call it a triathlon. This would have been difficult even if she had been so inclined, because the mighty Rio Arlanzon is only 10 feet wide and 6 inches deep.
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