San Martin Fromista

Ok, as the queen of justification it’s time for a word about las habitationes. There are several levels of accommodation along the Camino and the ones in highest demand are the refugios and albergues. These are generally bunk beds in dormitories that are either donativos, where you pay what you can, or albergues charging between 3 to 8€. At the higher end of the accommodation spectrum there are many private albergues and hostals where a double room is typically between 20-40€.

Because I am on bike we are staying away from the municipal albergues that give priority (as they should) to the walkers. As a humanitarian gesture and in response to hearing concerns from many pilgrims that the cheap places are filling up, I’m sacrificing myself to the more available higher end rooms.

I have heard from many people who walk the Camino that staying in the huge dormitories is a necessary part of the pilgrimage and I’m sure it is. I know in France some of our best connections were made in such places. However, every day Gord and I hear tales of the terrible nights experienced by people who are either kept awake by late night partiers, snoring, smelly boots or the 5 a.m. rustlers who are racing to the next place. In spite of what we might miss Gord and I are very comfortable with our sacrifice.

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