La Colombe Blanche, Moulay Idriss
I never made it to Santiago de Compostella but I have made it to Moulay Idriss. As I sit on our roof top terrace listening to the call to prayer, I feel a certain reverence for humanity and gratitude to be a part of it.
Moulay Idriss was founded by it’s namesake, the most venerated Saint in Morocco and the great-grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. A pilgrimage here is worth one fifth of the hajj to Mecca.
The town is built on two hills and piled high with sugar cube houses. We are staying with a lovely family in one of the cubes on the top of the pile. From here I can see the Roman ruins of Volubilis in the distance. Is is stunningly beautiful here. Gordon and Matthew went for a 20km walk up over a ridge overlooking the town. I am content just relaxing here.

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