Dar Ayour, 13km from Tinghir

Ok so maybe all those yummy salads at the street vendors were not a good idea. The Rough Guide for Morocco warns that everyone at some point gets sick and it has always been a trusted reference. Gord was first out of the gate and now Matthew and I are staying very close to washroom facilities. We couldn’t have picked a nicer place to relax and get over something. Our room is beautiful with our own verandah/tea lounge over looking the river and cliffs. This place is a lush oasis after the Sahara.

Gord is in his element with the hiking around here. Today he headed up the Gorge twenty kilometers to the next town and then caught a cab back. He was number nine in a standard Mercedes station wagon and had to be let out before our village, presumably so that the authorities didn’t see how overloaded the vehicle was.

Location:Todra Gorge

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