Dar Bouãnania, Fes

After a grand taxi ride to Meknes, and a petite taxi ride to the train station, we boarded an over stuffed train to Fes. Everyone is heading home for Aid right now and each car was just jammed. We could barely wedge ourselves into our car and then to our horror we stopped at two more stations to collect a few more passengers. Fortunately it was a short ride and we made it to Fes before noon.

We are staying in a fantastic Dar right in the old Medina. My understanding of the difference between a Dar and a Riad is that a Dar has a small central room that is glassed in three stories above it, whereas a Riad has a larger open court yard. There are other differences of course like price and grandeur, but for $16 dollars each I am very happy with our Dar. Every surface is covered with decoration and color. We are planning to stay here for four nights so that we miss some of the travel chaos right around.

We went out for our first exploration of the Medina and it’s fantastic. I was bracing myself for lots of touts and hassles but it was pretty relaxed. People, of course wanted to show us their shops, but they were quite gracious when we smiled and said no.

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Location:Fes, Morocco

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