It’s not everyday you see someone pushing a couple of sheep into their house and up the stairs. If it wasn’t just three days before Aid el Kabir I might have a few concerns. There are sheep everywhere right now. Hanging off donkeys, pushed into car trunks, and now it seems we have two on our Terrace.

If you can afford it, and you are Moroccan, now is the time to secure your own flossy for Aid.
Shopping for the right sheep is a national obsession at this time and it can be done in many different ways. Old world meets new now with Internet sheep sales on the rise. But the smart family who has put off the urge to replace the broken washing machine until now could score a sheep with the deal right before Aid.

Mohammed, our host assures us that the best place to purchase a sheep is in the local souk or market. Although currently our two terrace companions are being carefully fed and watched by Amet our host’s youngest son, I fear it won’t end well for them( the sheep that is.)

When we were not looking at sheep today we were touring the Roman Ruins of Volubilis. A remarkable site and well deserving of it’s Unesco World Heritage designation.

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Location:Moulay Idriss

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