When you come to Morocco you have to spend at least one night in the desert. Camel treks are touristy, but they are popular for good reason. The dunes here range in color from golden orange to pink and near sunset the views are out of this world. We can see a ridge of cliffs just across the Algerian border from here.

Up close, camels are really odd animals. Their knees and ankles bend in the opposite direction as ours and their heads swivel about like an ostrich. After getting too friendly with one of them he barred his teeth and startled me so much that I fell backwards into the sand.

Our camp was an hour and a half camel ride away and we made it there by sunset. Our guide Omar served us tea and then started to prepare dinner by the light of one candle and his cell phone. It was one of the best tangines we have had in Morocco. We were joined by two very friendly desert cats who were equally impressed by the tangine. We have now witnessed first hand how cats chose to domesticate themselves by moving closer into inhabited camps. After a good night sleep in the moonlit desert, we woke up at dawn to watch the sunrise before mounting our camels and heading back to the hotel. We will spend one more night here and then head back into the mountains.

Location:Erg Chebbi

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