Casablanca, Hotel Guynemer

No this is not about a film shot entirely in a Hollywood studio, even though it was an excellent picture. And no we didn’t go to Rick’s bar even though there is one here now. I have however had the song, “As time goes by” going through my head since we arrived.

Our first day in Morocco was spent marveling at the new Hassan II Mosque and grieving about the state of some of the crumbling yet once exquisite Art Deco buildings. We had stunning light to view the Mosque by. The rain had just quit and was replaced by sun and fog- very atmospheric! The Mosque was finished in 1993 after just 6 years with 2500 workers and 10,000 craftsmen. It’s a great combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovations like the ornately carved cedar ceiling that opens in good weather to cool the worshippers. It was spectacular!

The Deco heritage of this city is also outstanding, but badly in need of restoration, power washing and gallons of white paint. The details on so many of the buildings, including our hotel, recall an era when this city must have been a jewel. I think with some money and elbow grease it could certainly shine again.

Matthew and Gord are having a fabulous time encouraging each other to lower the bar to twelve year old humor standards whenever possible. Out of kindness to anyone reading this I won’t provide any examples, (sorry Blair). We are having a great time together, although there are moments when I think I am suddenly back in a classroom with two goofs. Fortunately they do still transform back into their lovely selves who cook for me and do all the dishes.

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