Hotel Salama, Tafraout
It can rain here too and it certainly is right now. The country side around here is mostly bare granite, so when it rains heavily it comes streaming down the mountains. Dry stream beds and roads turn into gushing rivers in minutes. We are on day four of some really rainy weather but fortunately there are periods each day when we can get out for a walk. I really can’t complain, we have been chasing the good weather with great success for more than three months.

Not only is Tafraout known for it’s mountain trekking and beautiful rock formations, but it is also home to a number of babouche makers. Whether you consider them slippers or shoes they are ubiquitous around here. The local variety are more sturdy than the whimsical fairy slippers you see in some of the souks. This morning we headed out for some good babouche shopping. Matthew bought a pair for Gord as a Christmas present. Once I tried them on I needed a pair as well. We went with the local traditions of yellow for boys and red for girls. Now as I sit in front of the fire in our hotel I am cosy from the top of my head right down to the tip of my toes.

Location:Tafraout, Morocco

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