Our plans change daily, but we are not even going to try to use our Ryanair flights from Marseille to Madrid. We were stupid and bought tickets for November 6 which is scheduled as a general strike day in France. Poorly chosen also because the Marseille airport is one of the most active unionized groups in France. I am not going to rant about the booking and pricing practices of Ryanair but I now understand why it can offer 19 euro fares across Europe. It makes it’s money off of booking fees, luggage fees and a virtually non existent refund policy. Truly the official airline of the Race to the Bottom of 21st century.

There is good reading in the International Herald Tribune and the next time Gord openly grieves the fact that I have developed a mind of my own I will just sent him to the advertisement in today’s paper: “Beautiful Czech women non-feminist ages 17 to 60. www.eastern-europe-women.com. “
Sent from my pea pod.

Today I am just having a relaxing day in Avignon. If you are cheap like us and you don’t want to give up euros for a visit to a broken bridge you instead walk under it where you can sing the equally charming song “sous le pont D’Avignon…”

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