Beziers to Narbone 30km

We left too early today. It was a cold but beautiful ride along the Canal de Midi. My hands, even in gloves, took most of the ride to warm up. It was poor timing because by afternoon it was sunny and 18 degrees.

Just out of Beziers we passed a section of nine locks on the Canal raising the water level up a hill side that was almost too steep to cycle. The river barge folk cheered us on as we passed. Other than the one hill the canal is by design is flatter than flat. Some portions of the tow path are paved but for the most part it’s a good dirt path.

We left the canal after about ten km when it veered the wrong direction and made much faster progress on the road. One odd sight on the road in the middle of nowhere was a buxom Afro-French woman putting on her stockings on a chair pulled up to the side of the highway. Within the next kilometer there were two more of these mini skirt wearing nature lovers. Boy I bet they were cold!

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