Montpellier – Aigues-Mortes 36km all on flat beautiful bike paths with a pain free back!!
It’s 5:18 and we are sitting on a bench on the road where they are running the bulls at 5:30. Hopefully things run late because everyone is on the wrong side of the barricades. Ok security is making us move and I am following their orders. See mom I’m always careful! There are warning announcements in about five different languages telling us to stay behind the barricades, so why am I one of the few who is listening. An elderly Italian lady who lives in town tells me they will be hungry and angry, but assures me that they don’t usually eat Canadians or Italians. It was all excitement and build up, but unlike Pamplona the bulls here are not hurt or killed. The bull games involve young drunk men trying to pull rings off the bull’s horns. Not a sport I am going to pick up any time soon. The running was also a much safer affair with each bull escorted by three men on horseback. Gord was taking a picture when an other elderly lady told him he should move further into the street to get a better shot. Peer pressure from an octogenarian!!

Aigues-Mortes was where Louis lX launched the seventh and eighth crusade in 1246 and 1270.
This massive fortified town rises strangely out of the salt marsh.
Inside the massive medieval walls is a village vibrating under the pressure of the fête.
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