Aire du l’Adour – D’Arzacq. 34km(Gord’s not mine)

Gord and I are in D’Arzacq at the Gite communal- our first dormitory experience for this year.  There are only six beds in our room and thankfully they are not bunk beds.  Everyone traveling along the route right now is really nice, but they are all well into middle age and I am anticipating a loud night full of snoring.  I’m glad I brought some ear plugs!  These are the experiences that usually push us out of our comfort level just enough to make real connections with people.  Let’s just hope the forging of those connections doesn’t happen through a sleepless night full of snoring and farting.

I seem to be riding as much as I am walking but hopefully that will gradually change- if not, c’est la vie.

Ok, an update on the night: all was quiet in the dormitory and although I slept lightly, I did sleep.  Unfortunately we have been warned not to stay in the place we are going to tonight.  It is apparently one of the worst gites on the route.  Oh boy- but the distances make sense for us, so we will be brave.

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