September 7, 2010
La Sauvelade-Navarrenx 12km
Le Relais du Jacquet, Navarrenx

Oh now I know why the countryside looks so green and lush. This morning we had massive thunder and lightning storms which were accompanied by a huge amount of water. I assumed it would be short lived, but the rain continued for our entire walk and then stopped immediately upon our arrival. It was the kind of rain that left you “wet to the underwear” in a very short time (that is a technical meteorological measure). This is bizarre, but I seem to be allergic to rain. I had hives briefly wherever the rain had hit my legs the most. Anyone who knows Gord can just imagine how he responded when I told him I am allergic to water. With all his skepticism, however, he didn’t offer any other scientific explanation. The hives did settle down fairly quickly and it looks like I will live.

Today Gord and I both took a small French test over the phone. We are taking a break from the Chemin and are now registered in a three week course in Toulouse. My back is getting better but I am still not up to the distances of some of the days on the route. We are both excited about improving our French, and we really like Toulouse. Now we just need to find a place to stay.
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