August 30, 2010
La Romeiu – Larressingle 21km
La Ferme du Tollet, Larressingle

Today Gord walked and I was luggage again, but as cheap as a backpack!  Gord had a beautiful walk through the French countryside through fields of ripening sunflowers, millet and corn.  He fed himself liberally with plums and figs; apples, pears and grapes should follow soon.  Let’s hope he is not shot by a farmer.  It is hunting season here and we are hoping none of them have permits for hunting “les mauvais pelerin Anglais.”  (Don’t worry mom, I am very safe-they are not interested in baggage.)
Larressingle is one of the smallest and most intact walled towns in France.  It was the fortress of the Bishops of Condom.  The French, unable to beat the rep caused by name of the town of Condom,  have set up a musee des preseratifs there.
La Ferme du Tollet is probably our best gite yet.  Our evening meal was outstanding; perhaps the best chicken dish I have ever eaten.  Our hosts were wonderful.  As well as providing us with fabulous food they encouraged/insisted that we liberally sample their Armagnac, wine and other liquids.  They also promised that we would sleep well and not have a headache in the morning, which turned out to be the case.BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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