Auvillar -Miradoux 17km. Total:39
Accueil pelerin La Pause Verte, Miradoux

We woke up at five and because the forecast was predicting a scary 37 degrees we departed before dawn.  We had to stay on the road for the first four kilometres walking by moonlight until the sun peeked up. It was wonderful and cool.

We arrived in Miradoux at eleven am just as the heat was starting to build up. By twelve the thermometer at the pharmacy was reporting 37 and now it is claiming to be 44!

Therese, our host, is a treasure! Accueils are not gites,but instead are places were people welcome pilgrims into their homes and you just pay what you can. She is certainly welcoming and she
even used her public health nursing experience to minister to several angry bites that Gord was reacting to. Everyone, except Gord believes they were caused by bed bugs. Gord wants to believe they were caused by a fairy resembling a young Natasha Kinsky in tights. It is a shame he is so allergic to Natasha.

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